Heart Failure Clinic

This clinic is used to assess patients suffering from breathlessness or swelling, which may be signs of underlying cardiac disease. It involves a consultation, an echocardiogram and a blood test to measure plasma BNP, which is a hormone released by the heart.

Hypertension service

We offer ambulatory blood pressure recordings, blood pressure checks and home blood pressure recording instruction.  These services aim to confirm that you have high blood pressure and to ensure that your blood pressure control is optimized.

Invasive Cardiac catheterization laboratory services

Diagnostic right and left heart cardiac catherisation is usually performed as a day case under local anaesthetic. It involves the passage of tubes from arteries in the leg or the wrist into the heart to look for narrowing’s in the heart arteries and to measure pressures in the heart chambers. It carries a small risk (about 1:1000) of heart attack, stroke or death but the benefits of achieving an accurate diagnosis normally outweigh these risks

If narrowing’s in the arteries are found there are further interventional procedures including angioplasty and stent placement which can be used to treat these and relieve chest pain. The risk from these procedures is slightly higher (1:200).

Endomyocardial biopsy is used to diagnose infiltrations of the heart muscle. Small pieces of heart muscle are collected by passing a custom designed tube into the right side of the heart and they are analysed under a microscope.

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