Patient Journey

If you develop symptoms that are suggestive of cardiac disease you need to consult your GP promptly. They will decide whether a referral to a cardiologist is appropriate or whether you merely need some of the tests outlined above. Once you have decided which clinic you wish to attend and the referral letter has been received by Dr Clifford, you will receive a prompt appointment to be seen or to have your test performed.

At each of his well appointed clinics you will be greeted by a receptionist and your details will be recorded. It is helpful if you can bring your insurance details with you if appropriate, including any pre-authorisation numbers.

An initial consultation normally takes 30 minutes and a follow up consultation 20 minutes. During this consultation you will have the opportunity to explain your symptoms and you will be examined. A chaperone is always available as required.

If at the end of this process tests are deemed necessary they will normally be performed on the same day so that a rapid diagnosis can be achieved and your mind can be put to rest. Treatment can be initiated immediately or further more invasive procedures scheduled at your convenience at a location of your choice.

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